VOIP Phone solutions

CLOUD PBX - Virtual Phone System for your Business


One of the latest spin offs of business technology is the Hosted PBX. This technology allows small and medium-sized businesses to have a sophisticated telephone system without the investment in telephone equipment. In fact, the entire telephone system is operated and maintained by your Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service provider. A Hosted PBX lets employees work from their home, a hotel or on their cell phone while still being connected to the same office telephone system. Just like You can transfer callers, put them on hold with music, set up conference calls or have the phone answered by an automated attendant who can direct callers to different departments.

Keep your number

You can bring your existing number over with you to the new VoIP (Business Internet telephony) service.

Interactive voice Response

Interactive voice response system is fully web-based and easy to integrate with your business processes.

Fax to Email

Incoming faxes are converted automatically to emails and then sent directly to your email account.


Unified Messaging

It refers to the ability to integrate different types of communications into one common interface.


In a conference call, callers connect to a server that allows multiple people to talk to one another.

Voice to Email

This feature will automatically convert your voicemail message and email it to you immediately.

How VoIP Works

  • With VoIP, analog voice calls are converted into packets of data. The packets travel like any other type of data, such as e-mail, over the public Internet and/or any private Internet Protocol (IP) network.
  • Using a VoIP service, you can call landline or cell phones. You can also call computer-to-computer, with both parties speaking into a computer microphone and listening through computer speakers or headsets.
  • You’ll save money by having one network to manage instead of two. You can easily add, move, or change phone extensions and locations, which saves money and gives you more flexibility.
  • Your workforce can use your communications system from home or on the road. Also, wireless IP phones connect users to your communications system and data resources, such as customer information, while they’re in the warehouse, on the sales floor, or anywhere they can access your data network wirelessly.

Complete with a full suite of telephone features at a price every company will love, our Hosted PBX is the phone service designed for your business. From a single user at a home office to a multi-user, commercial-grade call centre, Easy Office Phone provides a complete solution customized for your individual business needs.

Consider the Advantages

Simplify phone system administration and end-user management.

There’s no complex hardware to install or maintain, and no technical expertise is required to configure and use your phone system.

Choose a solution that can flexibly adapt and scale to business needs.

Get new phone numbers, locations, and extensions up and running the same day.

Connect multiple locations and mobile and remote workers.

Unite geographically dispersed locations, in-office staff, and remote workers into a single, seamless communications system.

Lower overall costs.

The simplicity of cloud means there are no “sunk costs,” so you’re spared the expense of specialized IT staff or outside vendors.