Our Project for Chuck Telle Bail Bonds

Chuck Telle Bail Bonds wanted us to create their new logo, website and to launch their social media marketing. We are happy to share another successful project with you and here is how we did it.


In 1985, Chuck Telle Bail Bonds was established with a mission to serve the community of Jefferson County by providing an equal service to individuals in all walks of life. Chuck Telle Bail Bonds is a full-service bail bonding company with multiple locations throughout the Missouri area and can execute bonds either locally or statewide. Their agents have extensive experience with the courts and local law enforcement agencies, and they know how to get the results you need.


Logo Design


When we start on logo design our first step is to consult our clients. They usually have some idea of what they want their logo to look like or what it should contain. It is our job to implement their ideas and make them even better. Chuck Telle Bail Bonds wanted their logo to contain the map of Missouri state. Our final version, that our client accepted, contains that map, company name, and their brand colors. Here it is:



Website Creation


From the start to finish of our every project we like to have customer included in the process. Customer feedback is vital for successful completion. Initial research for website creation was done in previous steps. We had company’s brand colors, logo and necessary information about the company and their customer base. Next step was to create a sitemap and present it to Chuck Telle Bail Bonds for confirmation. After sitemap was agreed upon, we started designing Chuck Telle Bail Bonds website. In this process, website starts to get the visual appearance. We went with utilizing brand colors for the website and customer was happy with final product. The website was uploaded and tested several times before it was finally complete. Here is what it looks like:



Social Media Launch


The launch of social media marketing for Chuck Telle Bail Bonds was the last part of our project. Even for companies with rich tradition and steady customer base, social media marketing is a good idea. It helps you get in touch with your current customers and to reach new ones. We created and linked accounts for our customer on several social media platforms and performed initial setup on all of them. Having well made and linked accounts on social media can help you organize your marketing and reach the intended audience, so why not let the professionals do that for you.



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