Our Project For Berix Restaurant and Coffee

Our project for Berix Restaurant and Coffee included designing new menus for print, website creation, designing banners that are to be installed in the restaurant, and designing new wrappers for frozen pies they sell.


Berix Coffee opened for business in 2001. The first coffee company in America for the production of Turkish Coffee. With already 8 years in the business, Berix Coffee has great experience in the quality and production of coffee. Berix Restaurant is family owned and operated. Opened in April 2002. Since the quality of food spoke for itself, the restaurant expanded fast. The location has been designed to give a comforting atmosphere. All the meals are prepared according to the most classic and proven of recipes and the menu has been created to suit both Bosnian and American visitors.


Printed Menu



We designed new food menu for Berix restaurant. Using latest design trends we created easy to read, a well-structured menu for our client. A good restaurant menu design is key to any restaurant’s marketing plan. It is restaurant’s primary means of representation. It also should create enough of an impression so that it stays with people long after the waiter or waitress walks off with it. In addition, it must restaurant’s brand in a manner that makes diners excited to be there, want to come back and to recommend it to family and friends. Here is what end result looks like:




New Berix restaurant and coffee website was another part of our project. A restaurant in today’s world must absolutely have a website because that’s not just the ongoing trend but also one of the most effective and economical forms of advertising and popularizing one’s restaurant. It won’t just make one’s eatery stand out but also enhances its business prospects. For our client, we created modern, well designed website with all the features needed to interest more people to visit them. With beautiful and easy to navigate menu, lots of pictures of tasty looking meals and all the information about traditional Bosnian meals and treats, this is how it looks like:




For Berix restaurant we also created new interior banners with meals, coffee and treats on them. Banners are designed so they become a natural part of the restaurant interior but still pop up and captivate attention.


Pie Wraps



Wrappers for Berix frozen pies were also designed by us. They feature Bosnian style pies and some other traditional elements along with all the necessary instructions and information. Wrappers were designed so they are eye-catching and enticing. This was accomplished by using warm colors and delicious looking images.

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