Best Free Email Apps 2018

As smartphones and tablets become essential parts of your life, mobile email apps evolved, each offering their own approach to the task of managing your inbox. But not all email helpers are created equal. From general purpose email app replacements to ones offering customization options, and AI smart assistance, here are the 15 email apps you might want to take for a spin.


Microsoft Outlook (Android, iOS)


Microsoft acquired the excellent mobile email app Accompli in 2014, extensively reworking and rebranding it into the mobile version of Microsoft Outlook (Android, iOS). The resulting Outlook mobile app is a mobile productivity powerhouse, bringing your email, attachments, contacts, and calendars within easy reach. Outlook’s built-in analytic engine automatically surfaces important email (across multiple accounts) based on your communications, and quick swipe controls allow you to easily triage your email. It’s a great mobile email app and works with Exchange, Office 365,, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and iCloud email accounts.


Gmail & Inbox (Android, iOS)


Google’s Gmail (Android, iOS) comes default on most Android devices, and if you’re already a heavy user of the search titan’s webmail service, this may very well do everything you need. The Gmail app supports multiple accounts and notifications, while also offering particularly handy tools for organizing your emails. Automatic filters can sort out social notifications and spam mail, and users can get really get down to the nitty-gritty, setting rules for tagging incoming mail by a sender and automatically shunting them into folders. In addition to Gmail, the app also supports a variety of IMAP and POP email accounts and Exchange. Inbox, a version of Gmail with more task manager and organization tools, is also available on mobile, but only works on Gmail accounts.


Trove — AI for Email (Android, iOS)


Notion’s Trove email client (Android, iOS) uses artificial intelligence to help make sense of your email inbox. Trove’s algorithms take into account your email history, learning which messages are important and highlighting them in your inbox for easy reference, while a Radar feature zeroes in on messages that could use urgent replies for maximum productivity. In addition to its search features, customizable notifications, and swipe controls that you can personalize, Trove also includes an Alexa skill that allows you to listen to important emails and organize your messages through Amazon’s smart speaker system. Trove supports Gmail, G Suite, Office 365 and IMAP email services.


Edison Mail (Android, iOS)


Edison Mail (Android, iOS) is an all-in one mobile email app that supports a variety of email providers while also bundling in a handy smart assistant and numerous helpful email management features. The app features configurable swipe controls, auto-sorting of email by categories, and a handy bulk unsubscribe feature to help you get off spammy mailing lists. Real-time travel notifications immediately inform you of any travel-related messages such as flight delays or gate changes, and the package-racking system makes a search for tracking codes a thing of the past. Edison’s app supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Hotmail, AOL, and IMAP accounts.


Astro Mail (Android, iOS)


Astro Mail (Android, iOS) is another email app that takes the AI-powered approach to provide intelligent assistance to the task of organizing your inbox. The app fields many of the features we’ve come to expect from modern email clients, such as mail snoozing, send later, and a unified inbox for Gmail and Office 365 accounts. The magic happens with the app’s built-in mail chatbot that can make intelligent recommendations about unsubscribing to mailing lists, archiving messages and selecting contacts as VIPs; you’ll also get reminders on important emails and other notifications.


Mail Wise (Android, iOS)


Mail Wise tries to declutter the email experience with automatic content filters that aim to strip away formalities and headers. The result is a clear, threaded conversation experience, clustering together long email exchanges, social network updates and newsletters. Mail Wise supports multiple accounts from a variety of providers like Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo, with your emails appearing in a unified inbox that comes with sorting algorithms and easy gesture commands.


Type Mail (Android, iOS)


Type Mail (Android, iOS) is a slick mobile email app that features clean design and support for a wide variety of email protocols and services such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Exchange and Yandex, as well as IMAP and POP3. The app supports an unlimited number of mail accounts with quick switching and customizable push notifications for each account. There’s also a neat “cluster” feature that intelligently bundles together related emails for viewing and batch actions. The app comes with numerous features, such as quick filters, configurable swipe controls, mobile printing, and Android Wear support, all wrapped up in a neat, Material design package. A related app, Blue Mail (Android, iOS) includes mildly different interface features and layout.

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